Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Joe Wise - A New Day

I wanted to blast back to the 1970s for a moment and write about some of my favorite Christian/Liturgical music of the era.  The 'Folk Mass' was a new thing within the Catholic Church.  For me it was a breath of fresh air.  This was a time of being introduced to music by Catholic musicians (who played guitar rather than organ) as well as that of other denominations.  One of the artists I found myself drawn to as a teenager was Joe Wise.  In 1970 he released an album titled 'A New Day'.

A few of my favorite tracks off the album are:
Lord, Teach us to Pray,
Lord Give Me a Heart of Flesh,
All I am I Give to You,
Come to Me.

A few of the shorter tunes were written to be used as responses during Mass.
From what I have found this album is only available in vinyl or MP3 download.

You can listen to it in its entirety by following this YouTube link.

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