Sunday, January 8, 2017

Clear Midnight

I followed a star universal
a bright
dancing light
in heavenly vastness.
We are poor and humble,
wise and wealthy.
The radiance guides us all
through the clear midnight.

Against His mother's bosom,
resting His head,
is our salvation.
This is the prophet's quest,
the sojourn of seers
seeking answers
to questions asked by the soul
in the clear midnight.

Born is anointed,
prince of peace,
word of life.
His strength and His might.
I am bathed in the splendor
of my God,
scriptures speaking to my heart
on this clear midnight.

Star shining,
that I might believe,
light a beacon to the holy sight.
I am no longer a man
filled with question,
standing n His presence
on a clear midnight.

copyright 1995 - Donald P James Jr

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