Thursday, January 5, 2017

Come to Adore

Carl Heinrich Bloch, Sermon on the Mount

We come to adore,
to bow down humbly,
to pay homage to the light of the world.
He has come
as a babe in the night
with a heavenly chorus
singing His praise.
Wise men sought Him,
those with knowledge of stars
and the prophet's plea.

We come to adore Him,
in this moment a child,
soon to be an adult
who will challenge our dogmas.
He has come
and soon we will see Him
baptized in the river.
We will see Him
beckon fishermen into His company.
We will listen to Him preach,
we who are poor,
and unacceptable to the law.

We come to adore Him,
the Christ,
not a dead old testament prophet,
but the prophecy Himself.
He will multiply fish
and feed the multitudes His word.
He will heal
those whose faith cries out
for comfort.
And we will flock to Him,
a lamb on an altar,
the one who seeks to love
in a manner the world
does not understand.

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr

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