Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tell No One Who He Is

Jesus sternly told the evil spirits not to tell anyone who He was. 

Mark 3:12
Gustave Doré - Jesus Healing the Man Possessed with a Devil

They were not to speak Your name,
the evil
that possesses men.
They whispered
in vile tongues
when recognizing Your lineage.
You ordered their silence
when cast out from flesh and bone.
Return to the bowels
of a realm
where sin festers without rest.

The thing that screams
when torn from the soul
tastes Your name
on its vile tongue.
of a demon
cannot touch Your purity.
cannot pay heed to Your goodness.

The order is stern
and shadows submit,
without choice,
to the light.
You hold governance
over every entity created.
For it is said,
that once Satan, like Judas,
was one of Yours.

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr