Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Kristene DiMarco - It Is Well (Live)

A few weeks ago a YouTube recommendation suggested this song based on my viewing history.
I love how that works.
I really love this piece of music.
One line that really strikes me is:  "The Waves and Wind Still Know His Name."
Through all our trials in life, through all our sufferings, every storm we confront still holds a deep respect for the name of Jesus.  We need to trust that he will always say, "Be Still".
Of course, after listening to this song, I needed to find some guitar chords and sit with my mahogany acoustic in my Man-cave and learn to play this song... actually with a song like this 'playing' doesn't come close to describing the true intimacy.  This is a prayer


  1. Replies
    1. This album has a lot of song with this same kind of feel, including "Eyes on You". I ordered the CD last Saturday and am waiting patiently for it to arrive.