Sunday, July 31, 2016

Little Signs - Jesus of Nazareth (Scene: The Prodigal Son)

So, my wife, Susan, and a friend Paul, joined me to play for a church service this morning.  A number of members from the congregation share coffee and pastries in the church meeting room after worship.  Whenever we play for this church, we join them.  It's always a beautiful time of sharing.

As we were leaving I notice a small magazine on the table by the exit.  I forget the name of the magazine, but I believe it was the May 2016 issue.  On the cover there listed an article on Christian Devotions accompanied by a picture of Robert Powell portraying Jesus in Franco Zeffirelli's mini-series, Jesus of Nazareth from nearly 40 years ago.  This has always been my favorite portrayal of Jesus (despite Robert Powell's English accent).

A few days prior I had been considering the story of the prodigal son.  In my internet meanderings I ended up on YouTube (I spend a lot of time there).  I did a Prodigal Son search and came up with a clip from Jesus of Nazareth which happens to be one of my favorite enactments of the parable.  Bear in mind Franco Zeffirelli uses some literary license by placing the telling of the parable at a scene in the home of Matthew the tax collector.  The enactment puts Matthew into the role of the younger son and Peter into the role of the older brother.

So my point is (since I haven't made one yet) I considered linking this video to my blog last Friday and put it off.  Sunday morning God showed me what he really wanted me to do by using a very old picture on a new issue of a magazine.

Let me just add, if you have never had the chance to watch this movie, please take the time... but you need 6 and a half hours.  The entire film is on Youtube.  There are a number of scenes which still give me a warm chill today.

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