Thursday, July 28, 2016

Purpose of Scarlet Robe Creations

As I touch base with others in the blogging community I keep being asked "what is the purpose of your blog?"  I have some difficulty answering the question, since I haven't put much thought to defining the content of this page.
I started out, a few short days ago, with the sole purpose of introducing the poem, "The House at Bethany", to anyone who chose to read this blog, or just stumbled in.  "The House at Bethany" was written nearly ten years ago.  Recently I was inspired, by the content of that poem and our Lord, to write a complete collection of similar poems.  The collection is titled "Pictures of the Messiah" and will be available soon.  "Pictures of the Messiah" are third person accounts of those who experienced Jesus, from John the Baptist, to Peter, to the Roman Soldier who swung the hammer into the spike.  Some of these were difficult to write and some were quite easy.  In the last few months, as I wrote the bulk of these poems, I spent an abundance of time reading the four Gospels (a very good thing).

Anyway, this was the initial purpose.  So a few days ago, I set the blog up and used a name I used twenty-seven years ago to form a small publishing house.  The publishing house was so small that it published just one print of one book.  After I set up the blog with the initial post I did a google search to see if I could find Scarlet Robe Creations.  The search came up with a couple references to the book I published in 1989, one was a link to Amazon, one was to another Christian book seller of used books.  I was really taken back this discovery and decided to link visitors to this blog to Amazon's listing of "The Way to Golgotha".

And then things started to evolve.  I chose to begin introducing my readers to the music I listen to and some of the books I read.  I added a subtitle of "Ramblings and Prayers" and decided this will encompass a lot of stuff, Christian stuff, for lack of a better word.

So to go along with the initial purpose, please feel free to go into smashwords at the link below and download "The House at Bethany".  I see it as a Kitchen Prayer, Mary, Martha and Lazarus inviting their good friend to share a meal at their table.  You can download the file in many formats.  Mobi for your Kindle, or pdf, which I feel is great for a PC... and please leave a comment in smashwords.

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