Sunday, November 27, 2016


Let us wait patiently for His coming in this Advent season
Let us not be rushed with all that we feel needs to encompass our lives.
Let us listen to the voices of the prophets, who anticipated the child who would 
be born unto us.

Russian icon of the Prophet Isaiah

I wait
from the shores overlooking the sea
from grassy fields
with clear views of flat plains,
from mountain tops
reaching majestically into the sky.

I wait
for a promise to be fulfilled,
for Isaiah's prophecy.

I wait
to hear the song of Gabriel
and the response of a teenager who says
"Yes Lord Your will be done".

I wait
to hear the prayer of Elizabeth
"Hail Mary, full of grace"
and to feel the joy of the child within her womb.

I Listen
for Mary's proclamation of great favor with the Lord.
Her voice will sing to my ear
and her trust in God will be mine.

copyright 1993 - Donald P James Jr 

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