Tuesday, December 20, 2016

God in a Manger

Soon He will come
into the world,
unnoticed by those
who would never consider
looking for God
in a manger.

He will be held in low esteem,
lying amongst the odor of animals.
Those without status
will be the first to marvel
at the infant's hands
and feet.

There was no room
in the places where a king
should have been born.
Others occupied the inns,
those who He had come
to walk beside.

They did not see Him,
busy with their upturned lives.
Yet He comes
whether our eyes are opened or closed,
whether the inns have vacancies or not,
whether our hearts are of flesh or stone.

Soon the infant
will lie in a manger,
inhaling the smell of His creations,
Shepherds will gather
and wise men will travel
while the world wonders
and sleeps.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr 

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