Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Virgin Will Conceive

Gerard van Honthorst
The virgin shall conceive
by the power of the Spirit,
Isaiah promised this long ago
in prophecy
and we have lived
long centuries
in anticipation of the day.

She will step
on the serpent's head,
trap the demon beneath her heel.
A new promise
is ushered in
while the world slumbers
and fails to take part.

The child born
of the Holy Spirit
will be
God with us.
He will save His people,
not from the swords
of battles fought
against man's empires,
but from their sins.

He will change their hearts,
refine them
from pillars of stone
into flesh.
He will embrace
those who walk in His midst
and He will forgive
their wrong doings.

This is a sign to you.
A change in the season
you should ponder.
The light will chase the darkness
from the dank places
where it hides.
It will illuminate the shadows
and all,
once secret,
will be known.

A virgin shall conceive,
one loved deeply
by the Most High.
She will bear her son
in a dirty stable
and lay Him in a feeding troth
meant for animals
because there is no room
in the hearts of the world.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr 

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