Friday, December 9, 2016

Who Am I? (Matthew 1:18-21)

Anton Raphael Mengs - The Dream of St. Joseph
Who am I,
that You should lay upon me
the responsibility
of being a father
to Your Son?

I have doubted my own dreams,
wondered about an angel's voice.
I have questioned
the virtue
of my innocent

I am a simple carpenter,
hands calloused,
a tired body.
I do not share the thoughts
of scholars.
I do not claim
to understand
Your thoughts,
or Your words.

I believe
what those who study
and claim to know
have told me.
Your covenant,
a promise to Your people.
You will come
and free us
from all oppression
and we shall worship You,
our God

But who am I,
that I should even build Him a cradle?
Who am I,
that I should teach Him to hammer a nail?
Who am I,
that I should stand guardian
over the one who created
my soul?

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr 

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