Monday, December 12, 2016

Zechariah's Prophecy (Luke 1:67-79)

67And his father Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied, saying,

Luke 1:67 (ESV)
St. John the Baptist, 1579 - El Greco

Offer your praise to the Lord,
our Most High God.
He has come to us
to free us from our bondage.
From David's bountiful tree
a savior has descended
with the mighty branch 
of salvation.

The prophets promised this
long ago,
despite our curses,
that He would free us
from the hold of our enemies,
from the power of those
who bind us down.
The Lord will free us from our own humanity.

To our ancestors
He gave mercy and kindness.
He promised a covenant,
and He has remembered
His words,
as a solemn oath to Abraham.

John, my son
you are a prophet
of the Most High.
You will walk out ahead 
of the promised one,
preparing the road for our savior.
You will speak to His people,
a messenger,
telling them
that their sins
will be forgiven,
showing them the only way 
of repentance.

He will make the sun rise
upon His people
and bathe in its light,
those who know Him.
No longer
will He allow
the dark shadow of death
to loom over us.
He will guide our steps
into the path of His embrace
and leave us with peace.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr  

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