Monday, January 22, 2018

Psalm 5

Hear me Lord,
I meditate,
I pray.
Ponder the supplications
of my heart.

to the words of my plea.
You are my King,
my God.
You are the aching
in my soul.

I will direct my prayer
to You,
my God
who has no pleasure in wickedness,
holy is Your dwelling.

Lead me
in the path of Your righteousness.
Show my eyes
Your ways
and protect me
with Your shield.

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Follow Me ( Mark 2:1-17)

Follow me.

The words catch the Pharisees and scribes, gathered to judge, by surprise.
There are those who have spoken in hushed corners about this man.
The leaders of the faith considered him no different than the others,
until those praising his work stepped out into the light.

Follow me.

He had spoken these words to fishermen, tradesmen of a simple nature.
The uneducated are moved by emotion and not knowledge.
They are taught to rebel against their lot in life.
They are immersed in the mire of existence and see not its wealth.

Follow me.

For what purpose does one stand up in his dusty sandals and walk in the steps of a wanderer,
one who sleeps on stones.
Do they have any idea where he will lead them?
Will he take them to a life better than the one they have today?

Follow me.

Sinners, cast out by the law, who have never before glanced an eye toward God,
without quickly looking away.
They know they are unworthy.
They make a slander of the righteous by their lifestyle.
Yet he stops in his tracks and selects one who has chosen to be cast out.

Follow me.

And we do.
Puppets of the Romans gather, sing, dance and drink wine.
They are not those who are welcomed into the house of God.
They are the shadows.
They are the essence of everything uh-holy.

Follow me.

Why are outcasts welcomed at his table?
The unworthy should never be glorified as such.
He can cure the sick, but he can never forgive their sin.
He can speak scripture, but he can never fulfill it.

Follow me.

He says, looking up toward one who will chose never walk behind him.
The sick need a doctor, not the healthy.
The lost need a shepherd, not the found.

And those who consider themselves righteous,
neither sick nor lost,
will cast their eyes to the ground,
when he says, "Follow me".

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Cana (Come Witness a Miracle)

witness a miracle.

Water turned into wine
and each guest
at a beautiful wedding
taste the sweetness
of the grapes.

Wine that sings of joy,
for the moment is filled with joy.

witness a miracle.

Two who love,
and promise to love.
Two who's flesh tingles
for the warmth of each other.

Embracing a dream,
embracing a trust,
embracing a friend
with whom each fiber of life
desires to be shared.

copyright 1992 - Donald P James Jr 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Scars of the World

last night,
doesn't quite cover
the scars of the world.
The dusting softens the hardness
of reality,
for a moment,

We walk
on our journeys,
hoping the direction is pure,
but the world
bleeds through
the thin layer
of promises
made in this life.

is always waiting for spring,
just as February
will agonize for color
and warmth,
and life.

I pray that the path
beneath my stride
is the chosen one,
despite my constant
I have been lost and found,
cold and warm.

I am the stranger
on a seldom traveled road,
in the evening's
light snow.
A lacy veil
barely covering
the scars of the world.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Light in Heaven

A Poem from a collection never completed titled
 'A Winter Soul'.

Three followed a star,
in sojourn,
before I was able
to develop
my own thought.

By stars of heaven
over Middle Eastern sand.
Lights that guide seekers
when they wander

War rages
where faith was born.
As it always has
and always will.

I decorate,
I sing carols,
I watch a tree’s reflection
in the window pane
and hope to see
the same star
as the one followed
by the three.

copyright 2007 - Donald P James Jr