Handrail of Heaven

His hand is still small in ours,
though larger
than before.
His voice forms syllables
and words

He walks
with steps
much smaller than ours,
concerned about sidewalks,
squirrels and nuts.

He tells us the color of a car
and a Jeep,
reminding us
that a school bus
is yellow
and we need to check the mail.

A walk of simplicity.
Nothing matters but the moment.
His small hand
in ours
and our hands
on the handrail of heaven.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Lead Me

Lead me to the light, where peace is in abundance and I can give glory to all creation.
Lead me away from the shadows of despair, the harvest of greed and selfishness.
Lead me toward Your radiance, a gentle guidance showing me the proper footfalls.
Lead me where you have led those who chose to follow, without looking back, at the darkness from where they came.
Lead me Lord, into the light of Your love, never failing despite my failures.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

The Humble Servant (John 1:6-18)

From out of the dessert, the wilderness, where one has prayed without luxury and drawn close to his creator.
Animal skins for clothing, one who will never make a name for himself. He will leave all the glory to the one who shall be glorified.
His life
is but to come and prepare a path for those who have never considered themselves to be holy.
The one who follows is greater. The Word made flesh. The one who has come from His heavenly throne to walk among us.
And the humble servant in animals skins opens the eyes and hearts of the few that the Word might embrace the many.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Do Not Ponder

And the Lord says,
do not ponder the end.
It will come
when the fruit is ripe.
For now,
you must watch,
be on the lookout and prepared.

Do not say he will be here tomorrow, or on the day that follows. Only the Father is aware of the sun's course, the stars and the moon.
Concern yourselves then with prayer, with loving the unloved, with feeding the hungry, supporting the broken and speaking this message to the world.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

The Word (John 1:1-5 & Genesis 1:1-2)

The Word was, in the beginning, Genesis, and the Gospels.
The Word witnessed creation. Through the Word all was formed, moon and stars.
The Word is the essence of the sky, the sea, of mountains and valleys.
The Word is a spoken utterance bathing all creation in light. A light dispelling all darkness. A light no shadow will ever quench.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Children of the Vine

Sing a song of praise,
the vineyard is mine.
I tend it daily
and it's fruit shall be
its goodness
will overflow.

For now,
do not doubt my compassion,
even when I have cause
to anger.
You, my children,
are the branches
and I am the vine.

You wage hatred
among yourselves.
Battle over wars
which are not yours to win.
You scar the beauty
of the plowed field
with Abel's blood.

Sing a song of praise,
for I have not forgotten
the flavor of each grape.
You who are sour,
you who are sweet,
you who are blessed
in my sight.

When the summer is dry
I cry tears of moisture
and when the night is cold
I embrace you to my bosom.
Cling to me,
flourish within the vine,
merge with me,
nurture yourselves on my kindness.

The song you offer,
be it one of praise.
Some offer words to ravage,
others offer lyrics of hate.
Your song,
children of the vine,
must be of love.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr 

Matthew 19

Does our law allow these things?
And with the question
He points back to scripture.
"Have you not read".

All the answers
are right there.
But you have to have
eyes to see
and ears to hear.

Why then...
and but...?
Because you are dense,
hard to teach.

Two shall unite,
man and woman,
as in the days of creation.
No man may separate
or redefine.

They ask a question,
and the Lord's answer
encompasses so much more.
They question divorce
and He defines marriage.

Does His law allow these things?

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr