Some Days I Struggle.

Some days I struggle.
Do you?
I wish for tomorrow to push today aside.
I want the voice beckoning me to stillness,
to give way to silence.
I am an overeager bundle of thoughts
I cannot put to music or paper.

I want another moment,
forging its way
into the present.
I don't seek solace in today.
The Psalm I read this morning,
while my coffee was hot,
has lost its meaning
by mid-day.

In the routine of the day
my office fills with shallow voices
of faithless ideals.
Prayer is for a church,
or by your bedside,
but not where others
may be of witness.

Some days I struggle.
Do You?
I tried to read John, chapter 1
and found myself staring
at words of type
and not the thoughts
of our Father.

Today the sun shines
tomorrow it might rain.
I want neither weather pattern
to affect me.
I want to sit in a field
with one book,
written by one author,
hearing the voice of my creator
and listening to no other.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Sparrow and the Leaf

The leaf takes on the hue of autumn and the Father of all gives his consent. Just as the sparrow sings a final song before leaving this life. The LORD hears its song and is aware of its death.
The leaf, changing color and falling to the earth, the LORD has counted each one and witnessed their dances of glory, their dances of praise, their dances of worship.
The sparrows, He has bestowed upon them every song ever escaping their throats. He is the author of every note and the beauty of their songs glorify His being.
Little ones He has counted every breath to ever fill your lungs. He has made note of each tear, each smile to ever decorate your face.
Little ones change your colors gracefully, as He wills it. Dance in praise of Him whenever you sing, be it the first song from your lips or the last.

copyright 2005 - Donald P James Jr

The Fortress of the World

This world is a fortress
for unbelievers.
Those at the podium
curse God
and slander His word.
They mock His decree,
saying faith is outdated
and intolerant.

But the world
has build its castles
on sand.
It has rejected the cornerstone
which would have held firm
throughout every storm.
It has removed prayer
from its vocabulary
and peace from its heart.

In fits of anger
they curse the children of God,
with words vile,
while considering themselves to be righteous.
But the justice of the Lord
will prevail.
His compassion will tear down
the walls of sin,
softening hearts of stone.

Like a bride,
or a virgin with lamp well lit,
those who come out
from beyond the fortress
of the world
will not be

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

I Am He (John 4:1-42)


Those Who Will See (Isaiah 52:15)

There are those who will see who until this moment have been blind. Those who have walked in darkness, the shadows of emptiness, who will turn toward the light.
Some who have never heard will understand with more clarity  than scholars. And those who have never felt peace shall be wrapped in its embrace.
The kings of this world are broken. Their iron fists of rule have turned to dust, their armies are bones scattered in the desert sand.
Listen to the distant melodies. Pay attention to the glory in the clouds. The servant returns prepared for a battle you cannot comprehend.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Greater and Less - A Sermon (John 3:30)

Jesus asks this of us, let My light outshine your shadows, let My will hold more importance than yours.
I stand for myself often, plotting my course to some perceived comfort and fame. Yet Jesus asks to be greater as we evolve into less.
Jesus asks this of us, allow Him a chance to guide, a chance to lay His footprints before ours, through the sands of our worries.
Know we cannot stand without Him. We are to lay down our pride and our desires of personal glory. Then He will gain greatness in our hearts, as we become less.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr


Reflections kindled by a flame,
A time recent
or a time distant.
A memory of joy and sorrow,
for we have aged
this night.

Was I a child once,
as you?
Was I ever ancient
until today
Role models in my life
have returned home,
eager for their maker's embrace.
I long
for their tenderness
and wisdom.

fleeting from my thought,
a song,
a taste
a  verse read and treasured.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr