Thursday, April 19, 2018


Color my world
in pastels

Change the darkness
to light
and the somber 
to joy.

Make me to see
the wonder 
of Your creation
through torrents of rain.

And to recall
the warmth 
of the sun's light
when shadows prosper.

Color my world
with umbrellas 
of various hues.

A memory
in my soul. 

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


He will harvest the wheat
into the barns,
a kingdom earned by love.
nourishing the grain
which has found good soil.
He will separate the weeds
without harming the wheat
and stoke the flames
of the furnace,
never quenched.
Weeds grown beside the wheat,
influencing life,
body and spirit,
nothing of value,
or heavenly peace.
He will harvest the hearts
open to Him
and close the barn doors
on those
who chose
to be ignorant of His name.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Boats on the shore.
and nets empty.
Taste of salty air
odors of damp nets.

Again to set sail
after a night of wasted
This gentle teacher
who sees inside my heart,
caresses my spirit
and knows strength
and fault.                 

A miracle,
the net which had not one fish 
is filled,
ready to burst
and the teacher 
just smiles 
at me.

copyright 1998 - Donald P James Jr

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Empty Tomb

It is right
for us to stand
gazing into an empty tomb.
The stone has been rolled away
by earthquakes
and angels.

No longer are we subjected
to those who dictate the law,
will anoint our foreheads,
the Spirit of God
is among us.

The oils and herbs
have never been needed.
He told us.
Yet we were blinded
by the world,
and still He chose us
to stand amazed
before the empty tomb.

It is right
that we should sing praises
of God's new covenant.
He has sent His son,
not Isaac or a prophet,
but one begotten
of His own being.

God from God,
light from light,
this is truth
and we have stood amazed
at the open tomb.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lifted Up

You lift me up.
Setting me high above those who doubt.
Your strong hand
and arm
keep me sturdy.

You have given me victory
while others fell in defeat.
Those who say
You are false,
a tale refrained by the weak,
are dust and bone.

I am spirit,
able to follow Your breath
into the fields of battle.
Mighty Lord,
Your strength protects me.
I am preserved
by Your will.

You lift me up,
for it is what You intend.
You are the tree beneath the limb
and I
am barley a leaf.

Copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr