Reflections kindled by a flame,
A time recent
or a time distant.
A memory of joy and sorrow,
for we have aged
this night.

Was I a child once,
as you?
Was I ever ancient
until today
Role models in my life
have returned home,
eager for their maker's embrace.
I long
for their tenderness
and wisdom.

fleeting from my thought,
a song,
a taste
a  verse read and treasured.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

All That I Am

All that I am, sinner, prideful, greedy. I am the one wandering from the flock, causing the shepherd to rescue a rebel.
All that I am, pompous, self-righteous, arrogant. I am the one filled with thoughts of denial and betrayal. Still, He comes into my darkness and brings His light.
All that I am, less than I am to be. He came to stretch His arms wide on a barren tree, because He loves me despite myself.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

Perfect Peace (Isaiah 26:3)

Lord, help me to trust. Help my spirit, prone to wandering, to follow Your pathway and refrain from considering other courses.
Lord, help me to surrender all of me. Help me to keep my thoughts on You and leave the world's ideals behind.
Lord, I cry out for peace and ignore its presence in my life. My anxious ego blossoms into selfishness and I separate myself from the flock following You.
Lord, bring me to peace. The peace that You give, freely, not the peace the world wants me to believe I need.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr


guiding a flock
over rugged terrain,
seeking the green valley
where the sheep may lie down.

leading by the sound
of Your voice,
to food abundant
and water pure.

who seeks
the wandering stray,
the soul vulnerable
to the wolf.

beckoning me to follow,
to rely on Him,
trusting Him
to lead me through the narrow door
of the sheepfold.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr

The Unimportant (John 1:16-27, Isaiah 40:3)

We are the unimportant.Those who live day to day, without much hope for tomorrow.We listen to prophets, longing to hear of a life, any life, better than what we have.

We are stepped on by Romans and puppet kings.If the empire desecrating our land were not here, another would be.
And we watch him.The authorities seem curious.Why does this one stand waist deep in the water and baptize?Why does he call out to the crowds, demanding they repent, claiming he straightens a path for one greater?
“Who are you?” One of the priests shouts for a second time.
“I am not the Messiah,” the Baptist answers.
A few amongst the repentant step out of the water, onto the shore.Their hope for a kingdom renewed in David’s name momentarily crushed.
“Are you Elijah then?”
“I am not.” The Baptist pauses before stepping into water less deep.His wet garments clung to his torso. “Neither am I a prophet, but I will tell you who I am.”
He is on the shore now, speaking not only to the curious authorities, but the …


Color my world in pastels brilliant.
Change the darkness to light and the somber  to joy.
Make me to see the wonder  of Your creation through torrents of rain.
And to recall the warmth  of the sun's light when shadows prosper.
Color my world with umbrellas  of various hues.
A memory hi-lighted in my soul. 

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr


He will harvest the wheat into the barns, a kingdom earned by love. Love, nourishing the grain which has found good soil. ~ He will separate the weeds without harming the wheat and stoke the flames of the furnace, fires never quenched. ~ Weeds grown beside the wheat, influencing life, body and spirit, yielding nothing of value, or heavenly peace. ~ He will harvest the hearts open to Him and close the barn doors on those who chose to be ignorant of His name.

copyright 2018 - Donald P James Jr