Saturday, July 30, 2016

Grace from His Wounds

They throw a robe over His shoulders,
these soldiers of a foreign creed.
He does not defend Himself
when they spit and swear.
They crown Him
with thorns of mockery
and then lash His flesh open
with their whips.

He is humiliated and condemned,
forced to carry
the tools of His execution.
He bleeds,
He falls
and new wounds are opened.
The robe is wagered
His hands and feet are bound.
He is a criminal,
born to die.

And as He breathes His final breath
all truth is laid out for the spectators.
He loves them all.
He forgives the soldier who swung the hammer.
He forgives those who cast lots.
He forgives those who forsake Him
and He forgives those who condemn.

the hatred of the many
has given love to more.
And the grace that pours from His wounds
will forever
change the world.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr


  1. If there were a "love" button, I'd push it right now! Will this be in your new book?

  2. This poem flowed through me in about 10 minutes the other night. I just had to share it. This isn't in the new collection though, sorry! 'Pictures of the Messiah' is kind of a concept book of poems where all the poems come from the view of those who witnessed Jesus' ministry, from the apostles to the Roman soldier who swung the hammer.