Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jesus in the Snow

This picture hung on the side of my parents refrigerator when I was a child.  I was always intrigued by the black and white blotches which did not seem to form anything recognizable.  One day I asked my mother about the photograph.  She said it was the face of Jesus and that if I looked closely I could see Him.

I could not for the life of me see our Lord in the meaningless menagerie of spots.  I remember standing at the side of the refrigerator staring at the picture as it hung there almost taunting me.

One day, in my teen years, when I wasn't really trying to see the face in the black and white blotches anymore, I saw Him.  Maybe I needed to see the face more, at that age, when I was on the threshold of adulthood then when I was a child. 

Now, as the years have passed, I find it difficult not to see Him in the patterns of melting snow on the mountainside.


I have a question for you.  When you look at the patterns of melting snow, do you see black and white blotches, or do you see the face of Jesus looking back at you?

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