Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Let Us Reason ( Isaiah 1:2-20)

Let us reason,
He says.
You have become your own burnt offerings.
Your hands are raised,
open palmed,
in one moment.
they are clenched as fists
in the next.

You could have been Sodom
or Gomorrah.
Still you are nothing but a dried vineyard
whose grapes have fallen from the vine.
He cannot see you
while you refuse to cleanse yourself.
He cannot smell
the aroma of the offering.

Remove the evil deeds
and desires
from your heart.
Seek what is just,
give the orphan a home,
comfort the widow.
Then you will once again
walk in His sight.

let us reason.
You are stained as scarlet.
It runs deep in your flesh.
But the Lord will bathe you,
wash you clean of your sins.
Your marks of disobedience
will be white as snow.

let us reason.
It is you that He has longed for.
You are the single sheep
He seeks in the wilderness.
He calls your name
over the barren land
and waits for the day when you will answer.

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr

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