Sunday, March 12, 2017


Titian - Transfiguration

I thought it was a dream,
for we had all abandoned You to sleep
                while You prayed.
We were tired from the climb
and not yet filled
                with the Spirit.
There were two others with You,
fathers of our faith,
who had not climbed the mountain
                by our side.

Lord, You were radiant
and Moses and Elijah
had come from heaven
                to stand in Your presence.
Let us make shrines on the mountain
to honor all of you.

The next moment
fear stole our wonder.
The sky darkened with thick clouds,
as if a storm would come and blow us away.
So many times
I have been afraid,
but You have always calmed the tempest
                by Your presence.

The voice we heard
is He who we call Father from our knees.
He tells us that You are his Son
and that we should listen intently
to the one He has chosen.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr 
 The Poem above is included in the Collection
'Pictures of the Messiah'
Available in Print and Kindle Editions

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