Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Promise

Below is a lyric I wrote nearly twenty years ago.
At the time I was singing and playing guitar with a Christian Folk Group known as Disciple.
We offered our music at a handful of folk festivals
and various churches in the late '80s and early '90s.
I have always treasured the way God speaks through the music of His people.  

From the time of Adam's sin,
when the serpent first spoke to Eve
and knowledge was given birth
in the lies of the apple's taste.
'Til time of Abraham's fold
when the Lord on high came down
and Sara laughed for joy 
at the promise of Isaac's birth.

I will promise you descendants
as numerous as the stars 
that shine in the nighttime sky.

Then Moses spoke to the people.
He said, "the Lord leads you out."
Pharaoh let them free 
so they may worship the Lord.  
To the edge of the river Jordan
where Joshua heard God's call     
and the people followed the word
and the walls of Jericho fell.

This land I give to you in love
That you may worship me 
and not any other gods.

Then the nation was divided by sin 
and slavery ruled the people again,
but God did not forsake
as his voice called out through men.  
I'll send a child to be born.
He'll be the promise fulfilled.
His spirit will reign forever.
His kingdom will never die.
This promise I give to you now
That I shall bring to you 
the gift of eternal life.

copyright 1997 - Donald P James Jr 

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