Saturday, December 17, 2016

When He Calls Me Father (Prayer of Saint Joseph)

Saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus by Guido Reni
How am I to do this?
You said,
through your angel,
that He would be
God with us.
But I am only a man,
unable to grasp
the thoughts You possess.

This child
in Mary's womb
will look to me for guidance.
Who am I to instruct
Your son?
I am a carpenter,
not a scholar.
My hands are skilled,
not my mind.

We will travel
to the town of Micah's prophecy,
to be counted
among David's kin.
Her time is near.
The journey is long
and I am frightened
that I will be insufficient.

How am I to do this?
You have asked me
to adopt a promise,
the hope of all time to come,
a covenant so far beyond
my imagination.

Be with us always
on this journey
through life and death.
Give me the strength
to honor the words spoken
when He calls me

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr 

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