Sunday, June 11, 2017

Water and Spirit (John 3:1-21)

Christ Instructing Nicodemus Crijn Hendricksz, 1604

I came to you in the shadows of night.
I wore the darkness like a cloak,
shielding and protecting me,
from those with whom I associate.

You speak to my heart
and I am drawn to your voice.
But there are those on the council
who wish you did not speak with authority.

You are not of the Sanhedrin,
nor are you a scribe.
But your words,
with deeper roots than the prophets,
are from God.
Not from man.

And that frightens the core of my being.

You tell me that if I am
born again,
I will envision the kingdom of God.
You explain that I must be birthed
of water
and spirit.

I am deeply troubled by your words
and the timing of your presence.
Few of the wise will listen to you.
They will wish to keep you silent
When your voice is what we most need to hear.

I leave you,
wondering where I will stand,
when next I hear your voice speak
as the Son of God,
having come to us with salvation,
without desire to judge our weaknesses,
but to save.

from the collection: Pictures of the Messiah
copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr

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