Sunday, July 16, 2017

Charity (Matthew 6:1-4)

One came in his robes, proud of himself and the status he held.
He sang praises in the open courtyard. 
One would say he was a faithful servant. 
He smiled when his title was shared as such.

There were beggars.
There were those covered with the sores of disease.
He steered clear of the harlot and her tattered children.

He is the most pious man ever seen. 
His garments speak of his devout faith. 
His public deeds show his love of fellow man.

Look, he drops silver coins in the lap of the poor man.

And the diseased one?
They would stain him from his religious duties…
and the prostitute is an abomination in the city streets.

Where are the others who care for the stricken?
Why do they not boast?
Why do they not embrace those wearing public disdain.

They do not beat their chests in places of worship.
They do not lift their arms in praise, so others will witness.
Their offerings are humble.
They do not seek the praise of men.

But the Father sees all that they do,
those who seek not an earthly reward are precious
in the eyes of their maker.
Those who stand proud in the face of adulation
have received all they will ever be given.

copyright 2107 - Donald P James Jr 

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