Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Belong to You

Often I pray for things I don't require, trinkets in life You know I don't really need.
I am Your child, we are Your children, believing we need the glitter of this world.
We belong to You Lord, nourish us as You would the sparrow, dress us like the lilies of the field.
Walk among us, guide us down the road You desire most for our travel.
We are Yours, we belong to You.

I hope my prayer is not childish, that it is found important to You.
I know You hear my every cadence and promise to give me only good things.
Still, I know I am a child and my voice needs to be uttered with simplicity and humility.
You know the deepest prayer in my heart today.  You know my unspoken sonnet for tomorrow.
And You answer always, because we belong to You.

I am Yours.
My wife and family are Yours.
Wrap us in Your embrace and secure us from all that binds our minds to worry.

Often I pray for those closest to me, the gifts You have loaned to me.
Caress their wounds when the world puts them on trial, make their burden light.
They belong to You Lord, give them joy in the morning and peace at nightfall.
Keep them focused on You, walking in the direction You gently move them.
They are Yours, they belong to You.


copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr

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