Friday, August 26, 2016

Moments of Grace

The tender hug of a small child.

The warm hand of your spouse, in yours.

A softly picked melody on a guitar.

Gentle laughter carrying across the breeze.

A murmured prayer of thanks.

Glistening sun on the face of a lake.

The rush of a mountain river in Spring.

Two bunny's playing on the front lawn.

The first red tomato of Summer.

Crisp Autumn air and an unblemished sky of blue.

Light rain on the porch roof.

The sunset at the end of a Spring day.

A hymn sung sweetly in a tiny chapel.

A wave crashing on a sandy beach.

A cluster of Tiger Lilies along the road side.

A white tailed deer eating apples from a tree.

The view from the summit of a mountain.

A worn trail in the deep woods.

A soaring hawk against an overcast sky.

Flannel sheets on a cold Winter's night.

Gathering at table with those considered precious.

A church bell calling us to prayer.

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr

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