Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Heart to Know You

This poem is from 20 years ago, inspired by Isaiah 64:8
"We are the clay, and You are the potter; we are the work of Your hands"
I wanted to illustrate the Father as not only the potter, but the painter as well,
as the one who molds us into shape and gives us color.

Here I am, oh Lord
listening to the silence.
Your voice filters through
all this stillness.
I give You my heart.
I give You my every breath.
Come into my life, direct me.

Show me the road You choose
for me to follow.
Mold Your gentleness into my heart.
Make of me what You will,
every color You desire.
Paint me humble and without pride.

'Cause You
are the painter
and I am the canvas.
You are the potter
and I
am the soft mound of clay

Paint my empty canvas with the colors of life,
the hues I need to be.
Paint my eyes to see You clearly.
Paint my heart to know You.

Mold my shapeless form
into a vessel of love,
the form of which You choose.
Mold my hands to reach out to You.
Mold my heart to know You.

copyright 1996 - Donald P James Jr

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