Monday, August 1, 2016

I Am Levi

The below is an expansion on a single stanza from a poem titled 'Come to Him'.
This poem appears in the collection

of the Messiah 

while proofreading I was compelled to make the following additions in italic, for this blog only.
In the upcoming book the poem will remain in its original form.

I am Levi,
I have taken advantage of my downtrodden brethren. 

I am Mary,
I anointed Your feet and wiped them with my hair.

I am the rich man,
Finding it so hard to forsake my comfort and wealth
and the poor,
Encouraged that You take note of me.
I am he who cries out in the dark valley,
I am the single lost sheep You search for
and she who they wish to stone,
Trapped in the fornication this world worships.
I will deny
In my fear of criticism.

and I will betray,
Since in my mind my plan is foremost to God's 

I will stumble and rise again,
Because of Your unconditional love. 

copyright 2016 - Donald P James Jr

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