Saturday, November 12, 2016

Preacher on the Jordan

The following is a lyric written in 1989.  The words were later put to music and used in a play based on the life of Christ.  For four years I played John the Baptist in this play and sang this song while enacting the baptism.

On the banks of the Jordan,
repentant children.
So many coming toward me.
Their shouts to save them,
so uncontrolled,
with such a desire
to be cleansed
by the sea.

They gather in the sand.
Thousands of questions
about salvation
and God's plan.
Some with their piousness
disguising them,
but He who sends His son
sees through you man.

Your Messiah is coming.
Repent for the day is near.
He shall com to you with peace
to dispel all your fear.

Plague of threatened Pharisees,
Abraham adopted sons,
standing in your aura alone
pompous and arrogant.
My patience tried,
God could make
out of these very stones.

Remember I am not he,
I wear sandals soiled.
His I am not worthy to tie.
His face you shall know.
My Israelites
He will come
to hear
your never ending cry.

Your Messiah is coming
as all the prophets have said.
He will come to embrace you,
your sins will crown His head.

copyright 1989 - Donald P James Jr 

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