Sunday, November 20, 2016

Prayer of Weakness

Lord give me peace in my heart.
Take my anger
and soften it,
mold my hatred into kindness.
Reshape my foul temperament
into sonnets honoring You.

Lord give me strength of weakness
to embrace my enemies
against my flesh,
to harbor no wish to condemn.
Give me a heart to pray for them
when I am on my knees.

Lord give me the love of a child,
to ask not,
nor make demands of You.
Give me ears
to listen to the songs You sing
and not question,
what I as a child
knew to be true.

Lord take all my shallow darkness
and disperse its gloom
with Your overpowering love.
Find me
when I am lost in shadows
and bring me into the comfort 
of Your light.

copyright 1992 - Donald P James Jr 

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