Monday, May 22, 2017

The Narrow Door (Luke 13:24)

To open the door,
the narrow door to His peace.
I must fit the framework
as if it were the mold
my body was shaped in.
For I’ve tried
to be someone who wears a different face
rather than being the person
who each unique door is designed for.

To open the door
I must become His child.
Seeing His love
as the littlest ones among us see His love.
I must maintain the innocence
of a simple faith,
an unquestionable faith,
rather than trying to comprehend
the mysteries of His existence
that are far beyond the reaches
of my understanding.

To open the door
I must become His soldier.
A minister of His word
and the truth brought before us
by His word.
I can’t keep the glory
of His promise inside my heart,
for if kept concealed,
in the barren rooms of my selfishness,
it will surely dwindle 
and lose its spark.

copyright 1996 - Donald P James Jr 


  1. Good morning my Brother.
    Thank you for sharing the love in your heart.
    To you and yours,
    God bless.

    Tell the that you love,
    That you love them so.


  2. You are so welcome. God Bless Always!