Monday, May 1, 2017

The Well Pump Story

I want to take a sidetrack from poem writing and tell you a little story about how God works in our lives.

Five years ago, on Easter Sunday, my sister and her husband showed up at Easter breakfast with some bad news.  That morning their well pump had decided to pass on to the great scrap heap in the junkyard.  My brother-in-law asked if after breakfast we could go and help install a new pump.  He had a friend named Jeff, who had the skills to replace the pump, planning to meet us there at the old homestead.  Basically the rest of us who tagged along to help, had the job of swatting gnats and holding tools.

So Jeff, the guy with the skills brings his step-son, Chevy.  He and my oldest daughter's husband were the smart ones.  They wore hoodies.  The gnats left them alone.  I swatted, so did my brother-in-law.

And as we're trying to get water running to the house again God puts his full plan into action.  My youngest daughter meets this guy in the hoodie, Chevy, unbothered by gnats.  A date follows and then many more.  Five years later they become husband and wife.  Saturday afternoon we celebrated after months of planning.  The good Lord smiles, we are exhausted and the pump still works.

Congratulations Chevy and Kellie
Know that you guys are loved

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