Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Grain of Your Life


 A lyric written over twenty years ago, 
in a moment when the peacefulness of complete surrender 
caressed me.


Purify the grain of your life

Simplify the course of your waters.

Be humble and stand without pride.

Feel the grace that comes in surrender.

Plant seeds nourished by our God.

Harvest with joy the gift He offers.

Make the rough-hewn barns of your soul

a place of worship, not worldly stores.

Sing your psalms to a small child's ear.

Amplify the voice of holiness.

Be gentle peace after the storm

a bright light guiding through darkness.

Be a prayer of life without end.

A heart reflecting His sacred name.

A straight path of hard clay and stone

leading to an eternal embrace. 

copyright 1996 - Donald P James Jr

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