Monday, April 3, 2017

Today He Walks in Your Midst

Sermon on the Mount - I.Makarov

The flock
for which He provides
are gathered in the field.
They come to worship
the one who has made the grass
and the wildflowers.

They are sheep
who follow their shepherd
through the pastures of life.
They are the beloved,
the chosen disciples
of holiness.

Do not harden your hearts,
join the throng
that comes to know Him,
whether born of the womb
or adopted,
or Jew.

Bow down today,
in the presence of your Maker.
Forty years have passed,
the solemn promise of anger has faded.
The offering is ripe
a fruit soon ready to be picked
from the beam of His cross.

But for now
gather in the field,
a flock of ragamuffins
made sheep.
Worship the giver of light
while casting out the darkness,
for today
He walks in your midst.

copyright 2017 - Donald P James Jr

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