Friday, April 14, 2017


follow the voice calling you.

If it leads you
to a table set in a musty room
share your bread and wine
with all of those who sit beside you.

If it leads you to a garden at
stay awake
with those whose fear disturbs
the silence
of the eve.

If it leads you to a courtyard
of condemnation and hatred
refrain from shouting
the vile curses of the crowd
that knows not its own fate.

If it leads you down a road of
pushed onward by uniforms of
another creed,
support the broken beside you
who fall under the weight of
Help them steady their stride
and not lose sight of their

If it leads you to the base of a tree,
planted on a hill for all spirits in need of life,
do not look away from the branches,
let them embrace your emptiness
and adorn you
with their love.

copyright 1992 - Donald P James Jr

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